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All Broker Managers (BM), Branch Brokers (BB) or Proprietary Brokers (BP) whose licenses expire on or after June, 2012 will be required to complete a fifteen (15) clock hour Brokers in Charge course PLUS ;two Core Required Classes.

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  • You will get this commitment from us! You will pass the State exam, or you can come back to class at no additional charge for up to one year from date of enrollment. (Will not apply to military personal who have been called to serve, you may come back after you get back to the states. )
  • All of the Courses and most of the Continuing Education Classes can now be taken over the Internet from the comfort of your home. Click here for the Online Page.
  • When you attend our classes, be prepared to have a good time. We think that learning a new profession should be an enjoyable experience.
  • We have a Real Estate Forum setup at our sister site on the Internet. Students can post questions there or search the forum for questions and answers.
    • A link to the forum will be emailed to you when you have enrolled in a class or continuing education.
  • The Courses above and Continuing Education are being offered at the Marie Burroughs School of Real Estate and over the Internet. We currently offer over 165 hours of Continuing Education via the Internet and more through our in-house programs. Marie started the real estate school in 1974, and has written numerous real estate courses, and continuing education classes that have been approved by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission for Pre-Licensing, Post Licensing, Broker's Course and Continuing Education.
  • Marie has trained many of the "Top Real Estate Professionals" in Oklahoma, as well as being one of the leading Real Estate Brokers in Oklahoma City. The school is rated among the top private real estate schools in the state of Oklahoma. To find out more about Marie Burroughs.
  • Our School is located in the Collonade Shops, 9628 N. May Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73120.
  • The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission now requires 135 classroom hours to get you Sales Associate License. The 90 hour Pre-Licensing course will qualify you to take the State Exam. Upon passing the State exam, $60.00, and paying the $75.00 licensing fee, you will be issued a Provisional Sales Associate License. This license is not renewable, but you will be licensed to List and Sell real estate for a fee under the supervision of a sponsoring broker. If you decide to keep your real estate license then you MUST complete a 45 hour Post-Licensing course within 1 year that has been approved by the OREC. Upon completion and payment of the licensing fee of $150.00 plus $15 for the Education and Recovery Fund, you will be issued a Sales Associate License. The Sales Associate License is renewable with 21 hours of Continuing Education and payment of the licensing fee. The license must be renewed every 3 years.
  • The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission's requirements for becoming a Real Estate Broker are, 2 years as an active Licensee, a Sales Associate License, completing the 90 hour Broker's Course, passing the State Exam with a minimum of 75% and paying the Licensing fee. As of this publication, the fee for the brokers license is $210.00 plus $15 for the Education and Recovery Fund every three years.
  • OREC rules state all courses must be completed within 6 months of enrollment... 605:10-5-3, (j), (4)
    • 605:10-5-3. Standards for Commission approved real estate courses
      • (j) Additional distance education course requirements.
        • (4) From the date of enrollment, the course shall have a validity period of six (6) months in which to allow successful completion to be attained.
  • NOTICE - Oklahoma Statutes, Title 59, Section 858.301.1 Effective November 1, 2009, state law prohibits the issuance of a real estate license to any person who has been convicted, pled guilty or pled nolo contendere to a felony for a pre-determined number of years based on the classification of said felony. For clarification, please contact the Commission and/or review the cited section of law as referenced herein. Additionally, if the applicant has delinquent unpaid child support or student loans, the applicant must check with the Real Estate Commission before enrolling in this class. The Commission will allow the applicant to seek preapproval prior to enrolling in a pre-license course.
  • Education valid for 3 years only. Basic & Broker
  • 858-302. Eligibility for license as real estate provisional sales associate, Qualifications Examination.

  • The education required in this subsection shall only be valid for a period of three (3) years from the date the school certified successful completion of the course; thereafter, the applicant shall be required to successfully complete an additional ninety (90) clock hours or its equivalent in basic real estate instruction.


We are still at work on the sites. Our intention is to bridge and together.

There is NOT an Internet enrollment form for In-House classes. Please call 405-848-8671.
  • The current cost for the Basic course is $475.00 US currency includes books, study materials, classroom instruction and audio files.
  • Post Licensing Course is $225.00 U.S. Currency.
  • Broker Course $475.00 US currency includes books, study materials, classroom instruction and audio files.
  • Continuing Education is $15.00 U.S. currency per class or $70.00 US currency for all 21 hours. Going up to $80.00 in 2017.

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